December 18, 2008

Game ideas and tips for traveling with children

Fun ideas for traveling with children

Small dry erase board to play games like tic-tac-toe, hangman, etc.
Music/Story on CD's
Variety of snacks in Ziploc bags - trail mix, crackers, etc.
Hand sanitizer
Water bottles with children's initials

List of fun games:
  • ABC game - find billboards & license plates with letters - be the 1st to complete the list of A-Z
  • Lines & Dots - make a grid of dots - connect 2 dots together and then it's another person's turn - once you complete a square you put your initials inside - the person with the most squares wins!
  • License Plates - for long trips see how many different states you can find and keep a list
  • Rock/Paper/Scissors - the traditional game

Here are some helpful websites.

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