October 20, 2010

I Like Home The Best

by Angela Couch

It's rivers flow with a rhythm as they journey south. It's Magnolia blossoms, so striking in their beauty, give one a sense of strength wrapped in sleek satin. The sweet aroma of honeysuckle on the vine along it's country lanes soothe the soul. It's a place where people enjoy life in all of it's colorful hues and blends. A place where unique music, delectable food, or nature's bounty are reason enough to have a festival or throw a party. I'm talking about Louisiana. Even the name is a lovely melody.

Say it again, Louisiana.

We have such a wonderful country, filled with breathtaking vistas, endless fun, excitement and interesting people. After traveling in every state in America, except one, I have decided I like home the best. My goal, through a series of stories, is to give you a word picture of my area of Louisiana: its fun, its history, its attractions, its people.

I will be promoting events, highlighting history, supporting the arts, encouraging participation, and reporting on each event I attend or take a part in. Each month, my Facebook page, lists coming events and historical points of interest, highlighted by the crow as he flies 100 miles across north central Louisiana. Louisiana Trekker has graciously asked me to share with her readers some of the interesting places and people we see in this area.

Coming soon, two events we recently attended, the 55th Annual Louisiana Art and Folk Festival in Columbia, LA and Fall Fest & Antique Show sponsored by LaSalle Antique and Tractor Club based in Jena, LA.

Here are a couple of shots from those two events.

Louisiana, a lovely melody.

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